Students in motionOnward Christian is a K-8 Collaborative Educational Community in the Lynchburg area.

We seek to fill a growing educational niche in which parents and educators collaborate in providing excellent education for students. Onward provides a classroom setting for students two days per week in order for them to receive the benefits of formal education in addition to the known benefits of home education. This is obviously a unique model that not only blends the benefits of private, home, and cooperative learning environments, but also negates the downsides to each of those. Students experience the advantages of a privately run community reflected in a Christ-directed perspective, small class sizes, and professional educators; parents love the affordability of a part-time model, as well as the opportunities offered their children through formal education. Home educators are able to take advantage of dropping their child off for classes (or may choose to stay and volunteer) and know that they will receive a full-day’s teaching, all while enjoying their peers and gaining experience in a classroom setting; yet due to the part-time nature, parents do not lose out on spending a majority of the week with their children, being their main source of discipleship, teaching, and direction. Additionally, Onward seeks to provide a blend of educational styles to suit a wide array of home and formal educational approaches, which allows families to personalize their child’s education, yet receive support in the form of a classroom setting, social outlets, fine arts, athletics, tutoring, and peer accountability. All in all, Onward desires to centralize and simplify parents’ lives who have decided to take on the role of being their child’s primary educator.

Onward desires to offer a wide array of services to meet the entire sphere of home educators’ needs. This will include:

  • Classroom support and instruction in the form of a structured school day in all the essential subjects
  • Opportunities for students to participate in athletics, public speaking, field trips, and other social and extra-curricular outlets
  • Resources for additional tutoring and fine arts
  • Collaboration between formal educator and home educator for a smooth transition from day-to-day
  • Community service projects for the students to participate in
  • Advice and resources for legal and testing aspects of home education
  • Social outlets for parents and families who desire to be a part of a community
  • Excellent curriculum choices that will provide a balanced, well-rounded approach for students