Playful Learning

Children are natural scientists, artists, mathematicians, authors, and scholars. From the time they're born they seek information about the world around them in an effort to construct meaning and further their development. Children have an inherent drive to learn and make sense of their reality. When given an enriching environment and supportive guidance they intuitively take advantage of the prospects for learning that are put before them.

As parents and educators we need to think beyond preparing our children for the next grade, test, or trophy. We need to prepare them for life - a meaningful and fulfilling life. In order to truly serve our children, we must look toward long-term goals and think about the future citizens we are collectively raising.

- Mariah Bruehl

early elementary
(Kindergarten - Second Grades)


Music, art, homesteading, Lego, character, recreation, STEAM – students enjoy a rich and well-rounded experience.


All About Reading is a “delightful, developmentally appropriate method for learning to read.” 


Rightstart Math is a hands-on math program that encourages number sense and a deep understanding through games and manipulative-based math strategies.

Science & History

Science & History are explored as living subjects through nature studies, living books, and unit studies and are studied together as a family!

Onward currently serves students in grades K-8. The sample curriculum list below is an example of our eclectic curricula that pulls from the best of each publisher, approach, and model. For current curriculum selections, please inquire. Curriculum List sample Curriculum List