2020-2021 Tuition & Fees

K-8 Tuition

Elementary & Middle (K-8): Monthly: $237.83 + deposit and fees (see chart below)

Annual: $2,465

High School Tuition

Monthly: $275.63 + deposit and fees

Annual: $2,995 *$2825

*High School Launch Special Pricing for students who enroll in Fall of 2020

Application & Registration Fees

Application & Placement Fee (New families): $50; $25 per additional student
Application & Placement Fee (Returning Families): $0, $25 per new student

Family Registration Fee: New Families $200; Returning Families $100

Tuition Deposit: $200 (per student; applied to tuition)

Multiple Student Discount

Families with three or more enrolled students will receive a waived registration fee (equal to $100 discount).

Curriculum Fees

Families purchase their own curriculum, which ranges between $180-$300 depending on grade level. Manipulatives are also required for K-2 Math and Reading (prices vary).

Uniform Fees

Onward students will be required to wear an Onward t-shirt to classes. T-shirts cost $15 each. Only one t-shirt is required, but you may want to purchase additional for back-up. Sweatshirts are also offered for $20-25 each.

Miscellaneous Fees

Some 3-12th electives are accompanied by course and/or supply fees; K-2 are billed a $30/year supply fee.

Athletic Fees

$50-$100 per student per season

Field Trips

$0-5 per student per field trip – twice a year

End-of-year Testing

Approximately $70 per student – optional; can be done at home

Tuition Contracts

Onward Christian Academy requires a tuition contract for enrollment; we rely almost solely on tuition income to fulfill obligations and pay our amazing teachers and staff. A signed contract guarantees and protects your child’s seat but also protects OCA’s financial stability and viability as we seek to serve our community for generations to come. OCA is a non-profit organization and operates on an annual cycle, setting tuition rates and committing to financial obligations far in advance of tuition payments received.

Payment Plans (K-8 is shown as sample)